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Cranbourne Toyota

4 Steps to Choosing A Quality Used Car

 Buying a used car is the smart choice for many Australians, and with thousands of pre-owned cars on the market, there's plenty to choose from.

...why all car services are not created equal.

Sometimes it seems like there's always a new bill to pay or another expense to deal with. Then all of a sudden your car is due for a service and you find yourself looking for a nice, cheap option. So you head online to Google 'cheap car servicing and hey presto, $99 sounds good. Hang on, $79 that sounds even better!

The clear benefits of using Genuine Toyota parts.

Let’s be honest, after the initial expense of buying a new vehicle, no one likes shelling out more money on the cost of regular vehicle maintenance!

You love your car, and probably rely on it every single day. What's more, many of us keep our tools - the key to our livelihood - in our vehicles. Whether you keep valuables like tools in your vehicle or you spend a lot of time on the road, keeping an eye on your car is essential.

Your Guide to Maintaining and Purchasing Tyres

Tyre shopping. It’s not the most exciting shopping you’ll do, but considering how essential tyres are to the safety and performance of your car, making sure you’ve got the right rubber is pretty important.